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Welcome to Minonetta.com ......... "Plume had the ultimate accessory for every woman that has a great sense of style and elegance, Indeed," Minonetta's pieces always attracted the classical jet set ladies" as Catherine Francis shared with us. "They undertood immediatly Minonetta as a designer!"...Minonetta didn't even have the time to photograph her prototypes: They sold out before she could do it!".
Catherine Francis, Plume, Worth ave, Palm Beach, Fl. 33480 !...

Minonetta's ecxlusivities are presented at "North of Worth", a boutique of distinction incorporating a art gallery in Palm Beach, Florida. You are welcome to take an appointment and visit at: Via Rosa, 361 S.County Rd./ 561.837.9855 or 561.623.9579.

Welcome to Minonetta.com..

Selected clients are invited to enter their code (NIP) in order to access their assigned private virtual showroom. ..

Please place your order ASAP for the next season to prevent any delay.

We want to thank you for choosing to celebrate Minonetta's inspiration, involving her collections of scarfs and antique textiles.....


Marcello Balducci
info@minonetta.com .

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